Small Business Marketing Technology Stack

  • What is a marketing technology stack?
    • A Marketing Tech Stack is the combination of tools, platforms, applications that are used to create an effective digital strategy. It’s not just about having all these things in place but also knowing which ones work best for you and your team. The key here is understanding where each tool fits into the bigger picture. For example: if you have a CRM system like Highlevel, PipeDrive or Hubspot then this will be part of your marketing tech stack.
  • Why small business owners care about their marketing technology stack?  
    • Because it helps them understand how they can use different technologies together effectively. This means being able to make informed decisions on what works best for your company based on your needs. If you don’t know what’s out there, you won’t know what to choose. You’ll end up with something half-baked that doesn’t really do anything well. And when you’re trying to build a successful brand online, you need to get everything right!
  • Components of a small business marketing technology stack – What does it include?The following list includes some of the most common elements found within a typical marketing technology stack. These may vary depending upon the size of your organization as well as the type of services provided by your agency/consultant. However, we’ve included a few examples below so you can see what might fit your situation.Marketing Automation Tools
  • Marketing technology landscape infographic
  • What tools should you include in your marketing technology stack
    • HighLevel has been designed from the ground up to help marketers automate more of their processes while providing recan start by signing up for an account here. Once logged in click on “Get Started” button under the header menu. You will then see two options – Create Campaign or Import international dial codes uploading your file. Now select of it template easier you for if you decide to expand later down the road. If you find yourself needing additional resources or new functionality in order to meet demand, you can add it without having to rework everything else.In short, we’ve created an ecosystem where each component works hand-in-hand with the others. This means that even though there may be some overlap among different parts of the stack, they work very differently and complement each other perfectly.

Does every company have a marketing tech stack?

The most common types of components within a stack include:

Marketing Automation – The automation of repetitive tasks like lead generation, nurturing, campaign management, etc. MA tools allow you to automate processes so you spend less time doing things manually and more time focusing on what matters most — growing your business.

Analytics Tools – Analytics tools provide insights into consumer behavior and preferences which helps inform future decisions around content creation, product development, advertising campaigns, etc.